Welcome to Amya Global Bag. We are India based manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of eco-friendly bags, made of Jute, Cotton, Organic Cotton & Juco. These materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
We have long standing business relationships with some of the world’s largest agency.

Our office & factory is located at Kolkata in India. By manufacturing and exporting jute and cotton bags and juco, we're ever looking ahead to continue to produce high quality goods & goal is to make affordable bags for the masses that reflect our greater responsibility for preventing environmental and economic damage. With Amya Global Bag, you can access eco-friendly and low cost bags made from durable and recyclable materials. We specialize in bags like tote bags, shopping bags, beach bags, canvas bags, promotional bags and more.

You're likely aware that plastic & polythene bags are a growing problem, despite being unsustainable alternatives to reusable bags. We offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic & polythene bags, but you may be wondering: they must cost more, right? That's not the case! The wholesale prices of our bags are some of the most competitive around because our raw materials, locally sourced wherever possible.
We offer the best price and services so that we can maintain high quality with customer satisfaction. We believe that success will only come if the customer is happy, so we want to provide them with what they need at a reasonable price.
we have a team of designers that can help you with customizing your bags. They can even print your logo or design on the bag to promote your brand. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of combinations of jute and cotton bags, and be sure that whatever you want is available to you.

Our Vision

To be a global organisation backed by high ethical values and standards, socially accountable and responsible, contributing to the sustainable economic growth of society.

Our Mission

To boost customer satisfaction and actually accomplish goals by providing the best services and products possible. Our customer support strategy is based on total, no-compromise customer satisfaction, and . We strive to offer the best service possible by offering superior products at a competitive prices and timely shipment to meet our customers' needs. Above all, We also aim to maintain long term relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service.

Our Strategy

To have the edge we must constantly seek efficient products, good customer service, opportunities of new designs, improve systems, and utilize the best technology.

Our Principles

We establish client relationships based on trust, highest standards of personal & professional ethics, advanced education and superior client service.